Steel Strapping Tools

Steel strapping tools were the foundation Teknika Strapping Systems was built on. Our established sealless combination tools have a worldwide recognition spanning over the past two decades as one of the most reputable tools on the market. Teknika Steel combination tools, tensioners, and sealers have been showcased and have proven their quality and reliability time and time again.

Cord/Lashing Strapping Tools

Teknika Strapping Systems has collaborated with cord and lashing manufactures to develop our industry leading manual Cord and Lashing tools. Teknika’s design approach allowed us to manufacture some of the most innovative tensioners that have established a dominant presence in the Cord and Lashing market and advanced the industry.

Polyester Strapping Tools

Ease of operation, user friendliness, and consistency define Teknika Strapping Systems’ Polyester tools. Our tools are famous for providing utmost comfortable and ergonomic support alongside with some of the strongest tensioning abilities on the market. Our Polyesters tensioners, sealers, and combination tools substantially increase worker efficiency and ensure cargo is secured correctly and safely.

Polypropylene Strapping Tools

Innovation and ingenuity are the keys to Teknika Strapping Systems development in the Polypropylene industry. Teknika Strapping Systems has an established original line of Polypropylene tools with an extensive range of patented mechanisms and designs. Our PP combination tools and tensioners provide portability and stable performance.